is my kitty a bengal?

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Purred: Tue Nov 11, '08 6:29am PST 
I adopted my cat several months ago from a shelter when she was just a tiny kitten, and didn't know what I was getting myself into. I've owned tons of cats in my life, and never had one quite this quirky, and I have strong suspicions that I may have lucked out and accidentally adopted a bengal. She has very unique markings, loves to play with running faucets, and has been known to climb picture frames on the wall, knock over water glasses and pull teabags out of mugs for entertainment. At barely ten months old, she is easily larger than my adult male cat, despite the fact that the vet told me she would likely remain small and dainty when he saw her at 6 months. I would like some opinions from people more familiar with bengals!

Sasparilla- (Sassy)

Arriba! Arriba!
Purred: Fri Jan 9, '09 7:30am PST 
Sounds alot like my baby. She will drink out of the faucets, stalk anyone or anything. Knocks things over all the time. I know that Sassy is a purebred as I got her from a breeder.

The markings look familiar and many are larger than other cats.


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is my kitty a bengal? shes really hyper doesn`t mind water and is extremaly fond of climbing she does seem to have the coloration of a bengal and is growing bigger everyday her hind legs are a little bigger then her front and i read about bengals and she seems to be one and i put her as a bengal mixed because we think she has some maine coon but i just wanted some input from maybe fellow bengal owners(if you can`t see the picture real good just go to my homepag and thier are some pictures)