Why am I such a bully!

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Purred: Sat Jun 30, '07 10:21pm PST 
My Name is Simby ..I am alway's after my
new brother an Abyssiniam Garcie..

I can't help it I just want to play and he won't have any part of it! So I just torment him!
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Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 4:24am PST 
I don't know Simby but i'm always bullying my brother Freddy. The Human is pretty mad with me doing it at the moment coz he's been so sick. I just get carried away. like today you see. It started as me pouncing on him, to a bit of boxing, then he ran, and well, i chased and the rest is history..i nearly was when the human caught me and he was all hiding.


Flying free
Purred: Mon Jul 9, '07 5:15am PST 
Hmmm I'm part Bengal and I'm just a bully in general maybe it's in our bloodshrugthinking

uni- (ooo-knee)

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Purred: Thu Aug 9, '07 6:30pm PST 
i'm a bully too, but since there's no other cats around, i bully my big dog around. i chase him all over the house and then spring onto his butt and latch on as he runs around the house. i highly recommend it.

Maddie "The- Blue Eyed- Snow Spo

Purred: Thu Aug 16, '07 2:22pm PST 
Oh Simby, Iam not a bully perhaps as I am a cute girl. I have a boy Bengal friend called Jaffa & he is a bully. He also likes to bully MICE !!!. Meow, Purr Purr.

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Purred: Sun Aug 19, '07 11:58am PST 
I am a huge bully to my brother Griffey and it makes mom reallly mad. Griffey is the beta male of our household and so I know he won't try to get me back. If he did, I'd be in trouble because he's a lot bigger than me! I know better than to bully my other brother Carson because he's an alpha guy like me and he wouldn't put up with it.

Mom says I act like a bully when I am stressed, particularly when she is leaving for work. So, I have a time out in my cat carrier, where I calm down and take a nap. Then I'm nice again...


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Purred: Fri Sep 28, '07 2:45am PST 
I'll take any of you Bengals on! I am an alley cat with issues! Let's rock!


I live to drive- mom nuts!
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '08 8:34am PST 
I like to bully my sister Chloe, she is an orange little "girlie" cat. It drives mom nuts but I can't stop. I also throw myself at the sunroom windows when neighbor cats walk by. I would kick their butts if I could. But mom won't let me.



Purred: Thu May 22, '08 6:30pm PST 
I love to chase around my much smaller hemmingway sister. She hates me and I love to torment her! I won't even let her on the linai she steps in that doorway and i'm all over her! My mom and dad hate it and usually yell really loud and I run away... ..but 20 minutes later I'm trying to get her again! And they yell AGAIN! I can't help myself! I guess its in the male bengal blood to be a bully! shrug