Kitty Agility?

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Mommy's- Favourite- Brat-Cat!
Purred: Mon Sep 19, '05 11:41pm PST 
Never thought to do this. Somehow I don't think my kitties would be receptive to it.

Image courtesy of CatAge to my inbox. Er see image at: http://members.shaw.ca/c_nikkel/CatAge.png


Queen of all I- survey
Purred: Tue Sep 20, '05 1:35am PST 
I have seen a clicker training video of a cat doing agility, jumps, going through tunnels and the 'catwalk'. I think I'll leave that to my doggy brothers and sisters, the're quite good at it.
I get plenty of excercise because I'm an indoor and outdoor cat and get to hunt rabbits.


A Gentlemanly- 007
Purred: Sat Oct 1, '05 5:51pm PST 

Wow. I suddenly feel so...inferior.

Hmm...come to think of it, I *do* particpate in homestyle agility every week...I like to go on a mad scramble through the house, chasing my sister, Mika; skidding around corners, dodging irate humans, leaping over vases and often knocking over books...

I should speak to my humans about investing in a proper course. To think that all this time, they were skimping out on me!!


I am Luigi the- Acrobat!
Purred: Sun Oct 2, '05 9:45am PST 
You mean this whole appartment isn't suppose to be an agility course yet?

*looks around*

So I wasn't suppose to leap over all those things, tear around them all at high speeds, weave under and over the chair rails and climb the pink chair with my bare claws?

No surely that can't be right. This apartment must just come with a pre built agility course!



Purred: Wed Oct 12, '05 5:51pm PST 
We all do agility and LOVE it! Mom clicker trained us and its SO MUCH FUN! She didn't make an indoor course, we use the doggies course. It is so much fun. Baby LOVES the teeter, I love the A Frame and Rasza likes to jump!