Really need pointer/advice!

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Purred: Tue Jul 29, '14 12:07am PST 
One of our 11 month old cats has been meowing so much and I don't know if shes bored, tired, needs more attention or what. She will jump on the cat perch and meow and meow over and over. She'll walk around the house and meow. And she seems to spend more time being isolated.

Should I be worried??
Please, any response. Thanks!


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Is she spayed?

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if its a female, she could be in heat. if not a female or not in heat, maybe a trip to the vet, might be in order.


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If she's not spayed, she may very likely be in heat. Cats in heat can be very vocal and persistent in calling for a mate. If she is spayed, then she may just be a talkative cat or part Siamese. Cats with Siamese blood in them may not show Siamese in their looks, but they may inherit other Siamese traits such as the loud mouth! If your cat is spayed and this behavior has just recently started, then you might want to have her vet checked to see if there is any medical issue causing her increased vocalization.


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Yes both girls are spayed- they had already been spayed when we adopted them.


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Oh well I don't know for sure if her and her sister are half/part Siamese or not but I do know that the meowing started up right around after we adopted them which was back in April sometime. I didn't think about taking her to the vet but that's probably a good idea- they both probably need a check up.