she likes him, right?

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Princess Mits
Purred: Tue Jul 1, '14 7:55pm PST 
its been about 2 months that we brought pine cone home. he is about four months now and mittens is about a year now. things have settled down, actually quite quickly. about a week of mittens growling and hissing. which is great but I'm a little concerned about some things.
for one, they like to wrestle and chase, which is fine and mittens will even start it. it seems to become a problem because mittens will seem to be done, and pine cone wont let up which eventually she will growl and hiss at him. and then just try to run away or hide. what I have noticed though is even when this is happening she will get a little rough with him (which he seems to love) but then she will start licking him all sweet.
another thing, since we have brought mittens home has slept in her bed next us, most of the night. she doesn't like to be touch when she sleeps, which is why she rarely sleeps with us. if she does she is on the corner of the bed far far from us so as not to be touched or moved while she sleeps. she loved her bed and would even try to kneed and suckle it. I tired to keep pine cone out of it at first but he is one determined kitty! and then he started crawling into bed with mittens which at first she didn't like she would growl and then leave but then she was ok with it. she seemed to like it, she would also lick him and he would also groom her. but what would happen was after a while he would wake up, want to play and start attacking her while she was sleeping, she hates to be bothered while she is sleeping so she would just leave. now I find her hiding underneath the couch to sleep at night.
Even when we feed her, we always feed her first but he seems to try to but his head to get some of her food and she seems to let him. The other day she was laying on me, dozing off (which means I cant move at all or she will get annoyed and leave) and here comes pine cone. I gently pushed him off to the side so as not to bother her (she is not super affectionate so I try to give her as much attention when she wants it) well, he comes back and starts grooming at her (im like aww, sweet he wants sleep with us) and she starts grooming him, and then he starts biting at her trying to get her to play. and same story, she gets irritated and runs away to go sleep in peace. he seems to get pretty rough with her too, no blood or anything but I wonder if he is nipping her pretty hard.

like I said, she seems to like him, they play together, I have seen them lounging together but this annoying little brother phase he is going through makes me worried she is not happy. what do you think?


Purred: Tue Jul 1, '14 8:30pm PST 
I think some of it is definitely him being younger and a playful kitten. Some of it is also that he's male. We've always had rather big cat families and I've observed that age and gender make a difference sometimes in how they relate.
All our cats are spayed or altered but the girls usually roost with each other. The senior girls usually sleep together. The boys might pair off if it's cold weather but usually they compete with each other for the sleeping spots, food dish and humans.
But yes I'm sure she likes him. Sometimes she's probably just exasperated he wants to play so much. Maybe giving him a springy toy or something catnippy will let him play off some energy on his own?


Princess Mits
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '14 3:26am PST 

yeah I do think gender has to do with it a lot. we try to give them both toys to play with which they will, but pine cone seems to prefer wrestling.