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Hi all,
My hubby and I will be catsitting for his parents in a few weeks and we want to be as prepared as possible. We have two cats of our own and we will be catsitting two cats, all in our apartment! We have plenty of cat trees and toys, and we currently have two litterboxes and his parents will be bringing us two more.

Basically looking for advice on how to help this go as smoothly as possible. Their cats will be with us for about 14 days. Looking for ideas on how to introduce the cats to each other, whether we should keep them separate for a day or two, and especially for advice on feeding times. Our cats eat 2 raw meals/day and the parents' cats eat 2 meals of canned/day and low-quality kibble throughout the day. I DO NOT want my cats to eat any kibble, so I was thinking of separating their cats and ours for meals and giving them an hour separated to eat instead of 30 minutes as I normally give my own cats.

Before we got our cats, we cat sat the parents cats at our apartment, so they are familiar with our place and us.

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Hi K&A! We're following you from one topic to another, lol.

I know everyone recommends a slow introduction and keeping new cats separated but after years of fostering in a one bedroom apartment I know that doesn't work for us. I usually let the new cat out near the litter box so they know where it is and the cats work out everything else on their own. Usually no one is happy for the first couple of days but it's rare that we have any real situations develop. There's often a lot of hissing and posturing but no actual contact.

As far as food you could definitely feed in separate rooms but I would skip the kibble altogether if possible. Just feed everyone their canned/raw. I doubt you'll need an hour either!


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I had about the opposite thought as BK. laugh out loud

I take my kitties with me sometimes to visit my mom and we've tried to introduce Ben and her cat, Tripper, and they pretty much just want to rip each other to shreds. Even when we introduced them very slowly, the end result was the same.

Now when we visit we just keep them separated the whole time. We have a system we call "flipping cats," where my kitties stay in the guest room while Tripper has run of the house for a few hours, then Tripper stays in my mom's room for a few hours while mine come out. At night, we all stay in the bedrooms with the doors closed.

I don't know how much room you have, but I have to think it might be easiest just to keep them separated. It's only two weeks, it hardly sounds worth it to subject them to the stress having to deal with each other face to face. That's just my thought!

Kaylee &- Amelia

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Thanks for the responses! The visiting cats, Apache & Chinook, will be here on Tuesday! I think our general plan is this: bring them into our bedroom in their crates, shut the door and let them explore our bedroom for an hour or so. Set up one of their litter boxes in our room and ensure they know where it is. Once they have settled in, we will supervise them meeting K&A. If there is any sign of aggression, when we need to leave the house for work, they will be kept separate with K&A having the rest of the apartment and A&C in our bedroom. Fingers crossed they all get along!

In terms of feedings, we are going to try to get away with not feeding any kibble OR feeding the kibble to A&C when we feed them their canned 2x day. I don't know how long they normally have their canned food out, but I usually give my cats 30 minutes to eat their raw (almost never takes them that long).

I will post if we have any issues!

Kaylee &- Amelia

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Hi all, it is going well so far...

We had the two new ones in our bedroom with the door shut for most of the afternoon and did a few "meet and greets" for about 1/2 hour at a time. There has been a lot of hissing from K&A, I am thinking because their space has been invaded? No contact, so I am pleased with that. They are all with us in the living room now and K doesn't seem to care, but A is hissing quite a bit. Just wondering: should we discourage A from hissing or let her sort it out herself? I want to ensure no one hurts anyone else!

First feedings will be in approx 1 hour, separate.