Cat desperate to get outside

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Hi there, I'd like to start by thanking you for helping me out:

Mr. Kitty is a six year old rescue, who came into my life two years ago. When I got him I found out he's FIV positive, so I turned him into a house cat. The problem is before I got him he spent the majority of his life outside, and he's desperate to get back out.

I'm looking for tips to either keep him inside easier ( he gets out so quickly we never notice him slip out), or tips to get him outside safely.


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Django used to be an indoor/outdoor cat before I took him in. He's FIV positive too. His last owners moved away and left him behind. He was visiting us while he was still with his previous owners. I let him inside sometimes and he got along well with my cats I had already. In April 2013, he came to my door with a punctured eye and we took him to the vet. So from then on he's been an indoor cat only. He was neutered a month later and then that's when we found out he was FIV positive. The night he got neutered, about midnight my husband came home late and I was sleeping. Django ran out the door! He came back the next day for dinner at 6 pm. He really wanted to go outside for a while. He would try to get out of the living room window. He still wants to go out and he waits by the door when we come home from work, shopping, running errands, etc. But it is easy to just move him out of the way. When both of us go run errands together, one of us opens the door and the other blocks the doorway. He does manage to slip outside but he doesn't go far; he just stays on the porch and it is easy to grab him. He's a pretty quiet cat, so when he first came in, we would just ignore him if he meowed to get out. Sometimes I tell him, now Django, you have FIV and it's for your own good. I don't want you to get sick!

Good luck!

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