Frustrated and confused about my cats odd behavior

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I don't really know where to even start so I guess I'll just jump in.

So my husband I adopted 2 spayed cats Ebony and Ivory(8 months old, sisters)about 3 weeks ago. And the first week we kept them in the bathroom while we were both at work during the week (my husband works Mon-Fir 9am-6pm and I work Tues-Thurs 9am-6pm).

When we did that, they would tend to stay in the bathroom or would want to- they didn't want to cuddle,sleep, or play in the living room (we live in a 1 bedroom basement apartment complex with other tenants).

Now they stay in our bedroom with the door closed while we're gone because we're afraid if we let them roam through the apartment while we're both at work they might run out or get out when we open the front door when we get home.
But they won't come out and be with us in the living room when we're home at night and on weekends. They sometimes will lay in front of the bedroom door and meow, like they want back in there.

Ebony does wander around and explore.
When we go to bed and we're in the bedroom, Ivory will jump on the bed and act like she is ready to sleep and cuddle but she jumps down, gets a drink of water and eat some food (we keep it in there in case they get hungry or thirsty during the night) and if our door isn't shut she walks out but if the door is shut, she'll sit by the door and meow until we say something.
And last night Ivory kept meowing on and off and kept my husband up and he didn't get much sleep.
We are frustrated and confused with both of them but mostly Ivory). Is there something we're doing or not doing?? Help!!shrug thinking

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Sounds pretty normal to me for young kitties in a new home. They'll get more comfortable and calm in time.

Bless you for adopting them!hug


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We woke up this morning to find out that one of them peed on a nice blanket (that we had switched for cooler one) and some of my shirts and now there is a small urine spot on our bedroom floor. My husband says that they are getting back at him for spraying them through the night if they got into trouble. But I think it's just them marking their territory.