my kitty is 2 1/2 yr old

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she is still very much a kitten and very playful and I would love for her to be a lapcat
she wants to be on me but would prefer that I be lying down
when I am sitting for example typing on my laptop she tries to get my attention with her paw like she is saying "could you lie down please so I can get comfy?"
I try to just coax her to lie on my lap and she refusescat on moon
is there a way?



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You could try putting something soft like a folded blanket or a pillow in your lap. She might find that more comfortable than your legs. cloud 9

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problem is ... she is very timid and afraid even after all this time
she was a fullgrown kitty when I adopted her so who knows what hardships she encountered before I finally adopted her
from day one I noticed when I say "no" I only have to say it a couple of times without even raising my voice
other than that she is a very sweet kitty the sweetest I have ever had


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In my experience, you gotta love the cat you have, not the cat you want. I have a cat who isn't very affectionate EVER, but he loves treats and he loves to play, so we show each other love during playtime. You just can't force a cat to be lovey dovey if he/she doesn't want to be.

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I do love her just the way she is but do feel bad and scared for what she went through
she is very playful and picks her time where she just has to have me lol and loves to cuddle on her time
she is the most wonderful kitty ever