Vet said Lily should wear a collar to her spay appt, but every time she gets it stuck in her jaw :(

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Lily is about 6 months old and is going to get spayed next month (originally it was going to be at the end of this month, but she just had her first heat). The vet has told me that ideally, she should wear a collar when we bring her in for the surgery, just to be safe. But, she is an indoor-only cat in our 2nd-floor apartment and so she is not used to wearing one. Whenever I put it on her, she is fine for a bit and then inevitably ends up trying to lick her neck and then bite it off, which results in it getting stuck in her mouth with her jaw open and she panics because she can't get it back out. frown

It's a kitten-size breakaway collar and I'm following the 2-finger rule for how tight it should be. I'm afraid to make it tighter because I don't want her to choke, but will it really be okay if I take it down to 1-finger's worth of space? I don't want to hurt her but it seems like if I leave it like it is, she'll end up hurting herself. I'm afraid she's going to break her teeth or cut her lips on it when this happens.

Any advice? frown


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If it's loose enough for her to get her mouth under, it's too loose. The two-finger rule is for full grown cats, but for such a young kitty, her neck's a little too small. It's perfectly okay to tighten it a little, as long as you keep in mind that she IS a growing kitty, so check her collar often to make sure it hasn't gotten too tight!


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Thank you! That makes me feel better. I'll tighten it and hopefully she won't be able to ram her jaw in there.

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im really hard pressed to use collars. ive had my cat seriously injured by one, and if i wasnt there to help her she could have broken her neck when the tag got tangled in the mini blinds. it was a safety buckle collar that didnt break away for some reason.

you could try beastie bands