Cat pooping on carpet. :(

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Purred: Wed Feb 5, '14 3:36pm PST 
This requires a little background. I have terrible sleep issues. My cat's litter box is in the hallway of my tiny apartment. It's really the only room I have. It's near my bedroom. Awhile back my cat was going crazy in the litter box throwing litter like a crazy cat making all kinds of noise. I hadn't slept in days and had finally fallen asleep. I woke up yelling and I think I scared him. I felt bad about it but afterwards he was leary of using the box. I did everything I could to reassure him. He started pooping on the carpet in the living room. I know it was my fault so I started trying to help. I would be quiet when he used the box, and whatnot. I've been cleaning up the poo and giving him time but he is ruining the carpet. The strange thing is that soon after I scared him in his box and started trying to reassure him he started using the box again. Recently, he started going on the carpet again but I'm not sure why. I am going to get in trouble with my apartment community. I don't want to have to give him up to the pound or something. I love my buddy.

Does anyone have any advice? I don't want to lose him, especially since it is my fault that he is scared to use the box. I feel terrible. I thought about trying to move the litter box but my apartment is small and the only place I have to put it is right next to the kitchen which is open to the living room area. I don't want to do for sanitary reasons.