I swear, my cat has O.C.D.

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Purred: Mon Jan 20, '14 9:58am PST 
She scratches at her litterbox.. Every time she does her business she will scratch at the lip of the litterbox. It's not from having an enclosed box because she does it with both boxes. It isnt the cleanliness of the box because she does it even with brand new litter. She had kittens, I kept one and my parents kept one. Her kittens are following in her footsteps and doing the same thing. It's getting irritating because no matter where the box is, it wakes me up. Is this something I will just have to put up with, or is there a way to teach her its ok to not be so obsessive?


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Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 2:08pm PST 
Smitty does this too - and sometimes Maizy does. It is a toughie because if you put something on the edge that is icky, then you may deterr her from using the box, which is a whole set of issues that you do not want. I noticed that when I use a large storage bin like Sterlite, the sides are higher & they can't really do it as much...


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Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 2:48pm PST 
I think all cats have OCD...if they didn't, they wouldn't be cats! big laugh


Purred: Thu Feb 6, '14 9:18am PST 
Thanks for the advice Felix and Ben, I think I may just have to train them to use the toilet lol. It will probably be real difficult to teach Gracie but I think Missy would love it. She spends more time in the bathroom than a pack of teenage girls getting ready for a school dance. I walked in there the other day and she had toys everywhere, the rug bunched up on the other side of the room, and the toilet brush (in its holder) knocked over.

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Purred: Sun Feb 9, '14 8:27pm PST 
My gals do this sometimes, too, especially Amelia. I just consider it a weird quirk, plus, I'd rather they scratch the litterbox than the couch.


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Purred: Mon Feb 10, '14 10:39pm PST 
Monti here does the same thing. After burying his business for what seems like 10 straight minutes. I don't know what he thinks he's accomplishing, going at it for that long... But that is one of many reasons why I don't have the litterbox in our bedroom, lol. laugh out loud