Just Brought A New Kitty Home And They Are Not Getting Along!

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Hello all! Today is the second day I brought a new kitty home (a 13-week old female kitten to a household which has a 16-week old male kitten). We had the 16-week old male kitten since he was 5.5 weeks old. Both cats are not neutered or spayed yet. The male kitten is having issues and is being very insecure/jealous. We got the female kitten her own litter box and some toys but Vega (the male kitten) hisses at her and has not accepted her yet (and even uses her litter box!). They can get near each other but Vega likes to chase her down from time to time. Anyhow, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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The general rule is that they should be kept separated at first and introduced gradually. If they were put together without a formal introduction, then I would say that if the only issues are hissing and chasing, then it's going pretty well.

I would still consider separating them and letting them get used to each other's presence and smell before letting them have unlimited access to each other. You can try a pheromone product like Feliway to calm territorial tensions.

You will also need to get them both spayed/neutered as soon as possible. They may seem young, but cats can reach sexual maturity surprisingly early. Eliminating hormones will also help with territorial behaviors.

Good luck!