I Don't Want a Litter Box on the Stove...

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Purred: Thu Jan 9, '14 3:52pm PST 
I don't quite know what to do with this situation and we've had cats furever. Chii is an elderly munchkin and Boo is just old and squirrely. We have litter boxes in the basement and one in a hidden corner of the living room.
The other cats are younger and bigger and do their business in the litter box or in the backyard if they get out. Boo and Chii never go outside. Chii because of her bitty legs can barely leap off the counter and back up.
The kitchen has a big connection of shelves and counters plus the stove and a short jump to the dining table. The dogs scare Chii and Boo because they act afraid. The big kitties wack the dogs in the snoot or plant a few claws in their butts and the dogs run for cover. Boo and Chii don't know it's that easy.
So they've taken to using the windowsill, sometimes the stove top as a litter box...Suggestions??? It's a commercial sized stove so taking it apart to clean is really nasty...help!