Peeing out of the litterbox... again. HELP!

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Hiya everyfur. Hunty's momma here. Let me give you a little background first. Hunty started peeing out of his litter box around August/September. I was away for about a week, and the vet said that he was stressed with me being away. He was eating, using his litter box (once I was home) and playing, acting fine. He was fine for a month. Then one day, he peed on a recliner. Cleaned it up, and he was fine again for another month. He peed again in November, just once. I cleaned it up, and he was fine up until 2 days ago.

Yesterday I noticed a puddle under a rocking chair on the floor. Smelled like pee. So I got my black light out, and it barely registered! It looked like water. Was barely yellow on the paper towel. (I chalked that incident up to being lazy about cleaning his litter box) I didn't see him do it. And it wasn't warm at all. Last night again, by the rocking chair, it smelled like pee. I found out that he peed in a bag (Or so I think) so I threw away the bag, and cleaned up the spot. I woke this morning, and no pee spots. I made sure, I smelled around and everything was a-okay. He peed in his box this morning /last night sometime, so I emptied it. Clean box. I fed him, played with him, and I came to work.

About an hour ago, I got a call that there was another puddle underneath the rocking chair. So my parents went to go find Hunter, and he was sleeping. They think that the trash can in the kitchen (Right next to the rocking chair) is leaking.

So I'm a bit confused. This puddle doesn't glow under a black light. Its barely yellow when I wipe it up. But it smells like pee. Could Hunter be so hydrated that he pees clear?? I haven't seen him do it. But I also have a dog. I don't know what to do. He does pee in his litter box. But I also know that he has peed elsewhere.

I personally have never seen Hunter pee anywhere but his litter box. I don't think this is a physical problem, but more a behavioral thing. I do have a comfort plug in thats made for a dog though. I might buy a couple of plug ins to put around the house. What brand is best?

How can I made Hunter calm and happy?? He is the type that needs mental and physical stimulation. I play with him but that only goes so far. Any ideas?

In a couple of months I have to bring him for his yearly physical. But for now, I just need suggestions. I'm worried about my big boy. He still eats, acts normal, runs around like a lunatic.

Sorry for such a long post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Huntys Momma)


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The best website I've seen for reasons cats pee out of the box is here: http://catinfo.org/?link=litterbox
All the reasons in one place. Good luck!

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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Ok so last night I came home to pee, again. I threw out a couple of cushions, and cleaned the whole entire floor, twice. This morning I did what I could to keep him occupied, I fed him and I noticed that last night he peed in his box! I cleaned his litter box and left for work. After work, I went to petco and bought him a new litter box, dr elseys cat attractant litter additive, and a Feliway diffuser. I fed him when I came home, and switched out litter boxes, plugged in the diffuser, and played with him for 2 hours! Oh and I noticed that he peed in his litter box again! smile I hope he uses the new box (it's the same brand, style and color as the old one) with the cat litter additive in it. So far no peeing anywhere today besides his box! Let's hope this continues.

Thanks for the advice BK. I never think of going to Dr. Piersons website.