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My husband (as of 3 weeks ago!!) treated ourselves to a litter robot using some of our wedding money in an effort to decrease the annoyance of scooping litter boxes. We have 3 cats, 4 litter boxes, and scoop twice a day. Anyways, we got the litter robot about a week ago and have very slowly been integrating it into their routine. At first, we added it as an additional box (turned off of course) with a mixture of new and used litter so that they would pick up on the scent. After a few days of no one going near it, I started putting treats in and around the box which seemed to get them a little more interested. For the past 4 days, one (or more) of the cats have been using the box. However, we don’t know definitely who has taken to it. Our next idea was to remove a few of the old litter boxes- so we now have 2 old boxes and the litter robot. We have also been cleaning the old boxes a little less frequently in an effort to make the robot more appealing because it is always clean. So, long story short, I was wondering if anyone had some more ideas of ways to get them all to use it and how can we be sure all 3 cats are taking to it? I do not want to remove the other 2 old boxes for fear that they will just start going elsewhere in the house. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi: You are doing all the right things; however, sometimes, it does take some cats a little longer to adjust. Please contact us at support@litter-robot.com if we can ever be of assistance. HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Litter-Robot Shirley, Litter-Robot Customer Service Team

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I had the same issue when introducing litter robot at my 2-cat household. I ended up buying some cat attract brand litter which is supposed to have a scent that attracts them. Mixed some in with the regular litter and that helped. I have seen it at PetSmart and vet offices among other stores.