Aggressive Attacks... while we're sleeping?!?

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Purred: Sat Oct 26, '13 10:25am PST 
I am starting a new thread from one I posted in last night about petting because last night this escalated to a bad level.

My cat is 7 months old, neutered, up to date with shots and in good health. He is a siberian, from a breeder. He is able to be picked up, petted everywhere, very affectionate and social as most siberians tend to be.

His attacks are completely without warning. Sometimes he attacks us while we are trying to fall asleep; sometimes while we are watching TV; sometimes while playing with a toy mouse. Sometimes he will 'stalk' us without our knowledge, while we're watching tv and ignoring him, sometimes it's in the middle of a cuddle or play session.

Last night, I was asleep when he came in between me and my husband to cuddle- something he does every night without incident. Usually he will nuzzle and purr until he falls asleep or decides to move to our feet. My husband was petting him on the head when he bit. Firmly he said "NO" and stopped petting him. I was asleep at this point, facing the cat. My eye lashes fluttered and he launched and attacked my eye, biting me on the cheekbone and drawing blood.

Another time a few days ago we were watching TV and suddenly he came out from under the coffee table and launched into a full scale clawing and biting attack my husband's face.

He does get the crazy look in his eye, and when he does, there's nothing we can do to prevent the attack, he's set on attacking us no matter what we use to distract him, if we happen to sense the attack. We are also against hitting, yelling, or punishing the cat, but there is very little we can do to prevent it once he gets set on attacking us. Spray bottles work a little bit. Generally all we can do is lock him in a spare bedroom (where he has access to litter, food, bed, and toys) until we think he has calmed down.

His attacks are VERY violent, leave us bloody and scared. My husband and I are frightened to bring children into this environment, but we love this cat!

He does frequently have a lot of alone time, as we both work busy schedules, but we play with him as much as we can and buy him lots of toys, but I do acknowledge this could be an issue.

Thanks in advance for help!