5 year old cat peeing outside of box

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hi all - i hope you guys can help!

there might be a post on this forum about this, but right now i am completely stressed and totally flustered, to the point i don't even think i can calmly search.

i have had my cat angie for about 5 years, since she about three months old, if not a little older. she's always had "toilet" problems, so a few years ago i switched her to an at-home diet (from canned), which really helped her a lot in terms of having solid stool (and all the things that go along with that). when i switched her over, she was pretty mad and would pee on everything and anything on the ground - shoes, purses, towels, clothing, you name it. i literally stepped out of a pair of shoes, came back ten minutes later and she'd peed in both of them.

i took her to the vet and we decided, by process of elimination, that it was a behavioural issue. i tried the pheromone therapy but it didn't work. i even picked up extra litter boxes. eventually she got used to the food and she chilled out.

but. the peeing has started again. unfortunately this time around, i'm pregnant. the biggest frustration is at the moment i live in a house with two other dogs (not mine). she didn't have a problem with the dogs and we've been here for over a year. i'm almost sure her peeing has to do with her knowing something's going on with mom, but when you have to regularly get on hands and knees to clean up after two other dogs, having the cat pee on things is almost the straw to break the camels back.

at first i thought the extra pee puddles on the floor were the older dog (she has anxiety issues) but i just caught angie peeing in their cardboard scratch box house. my stress levels are through the roof.

please tell me there is something i can do to stop this behaviour before it gets any worse. we haven't even started the house-wide stressful act of packing for our impending move, and i need to nip this in the bud. as much as i love her, i can't spend the last trimester of my pregnancy cleaning up after her.

at my wits end!


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I work at a pet store and have looked at all sorts of products for this. One thing that really seems to sell, (customers love it) is the Feiliway diffusers. It is kind of like a Glade plug in that releases pheromones that only cats can smell. Cats urinating outside the litter can be because of stress. I use the Sentry calming collar for my cat's stress problems and have seen positive results with that as well. It has pheromones and lavender.Just make sure she is not straining and that there is no blood in the urine. Urinary problems like UTIs and crystals can cause cats to avoid their litter box too.

Make sure you use something made for cat urine too! Lysol and other cleaning products do not have the enzymes to completely break down the urine and they may remark that area.

Also, have you changed her litter brand or type recently? That is also something that would make a cat weary of the litter box. Cats can be picky when it comes to that haha.

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She either has a urinary tract infection, or it is stress. She can sense your stress due to the pregnancy, the move, cleaning up the pee - you name it. I personally would have her checked just to be sure, and maybe the vet can prescribe something to help her calm down. I have had luck with Felix on Pet Naturals Calm treats. I get them online, but they do have them at Petco. I understand your frustration, but remember, your kitty does not know what is going on, she just knows things are different. Good luck, please keep us posted on your kitty, and blessings on the new little arrival too! wave

Mrs Potts

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Iv just got a kitten and she is really clean and does number 2 in box but she wee wees on the floor next to the box is this stress or is she picking up bad habits. What do I do thank you and please let me know if she is show quality as I want to show her. Cheers and her name is mrs Potts lol

Mrs Potts

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I have found the answer to all ya questions and it took me till this long to find out why my cat pees outside the box she does number 2 in the box but pees on the floor outside it. It came to my attention that I should try and use card board in the box on top of the litter half card half litter. And it worked she pees inside the box she likes the feel of the cardboard as it feels like the floor. She still has one or 2 miss haps but that's because Iv been out all day and when I get back from work I can change the cardbourd ideally you need to change the card 2 daily or try paper but paper gets pulled all over the place. My partner is pregnant and can't do the litter box but fingers crossed she has learnt to be clean.