Switching two kittens to paper litter.

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Hello everyone on the Catster side!

I've been pretty active on Dogster (I'm Angel and Rocket's mom, if anyone with both are here!) But lately I've added two new kittens to the home. smile

They're doing well, when we got them from the shelter they both ended up being pretty sick, so we kept them segregated and in their own room so they could get well with less stress. We were planning on starting the change to paper litter right away, but since they were sick we decided to wait and just let them stick with what they were used to until they got better.

Well, happily, they both seem better now, so we want to start the switch. The main reason is the two dogs, while they don't have a habit of eating things they shouldn't (unless its food, lol), I don't want to risk them eating it, since it could cause a fatal blockage. frown But I also know that cats can be extremely picky about what they use for their litter box.

So I guess the question is, what is the best way to get them to switch over? Kind of like switching food, where you slowly mix the two together until its mostly paper litter? I thought about having two of the litter boxes clay or a mix and a third paper so they could get used to it.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. smile