update there's a small rip in our window screen and felix squeezed out & stray cat

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OK forgot to mention that Felix has become an outdoor cat from indoor cat. And Pussy still stays inside. Well it all started with just a small rip in our bedroom window screen. It didn't come to mind that the rip would actually grow to a lot bigger rip. Well one night after Felix and pussy fight I took Felix into the room for some separation. Well Felix took the first chance he got and squeezed his furry tail butt right through the rip. So now that caused even more problems between him and pussy. Pussy now wants to fight with Felix even more. Like I have to keep them apart most of the time. So pussy stays in the room he like it in there well Felix stay in the garage. And if pussy wants to come out which he will and he will let us now. I'll have to take Felix into the room and bring pussy well closing the window. And there is the stray cat name orange meow that come by looking for food. help!


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oh yeah I got a pit bull half boxer name bandit on the left side of our home, and we the neighbors there cool and I love dogs too and bandit is a sweetie and not even aggressive at all. But one thing I do know about pit bulls and cats not a site to see. That's the only I'm concerned about. I heard a quote from a recent documentary about cats is "You can not control a cat" and Dam right because they do what they want do.

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Felix is in danger - an intact male will roam a large distance to find a willing lady cat.
He is in danger of being hit, by being savaged by a dog,being killed by wildlife, or possibly abused/killed by unfriendly humans.
Please have them both neutered asap!
Good luck


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Marlin is right, they need to be fixed now. In addition to that, they should both have their own places in the house. Separate litter boxes, their own cat trees, and a place to get away from each other. They also sell a screen for windows that is scratch proof. It is very secure too!