Malice is very upset about new kittens arrival

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Malice is 5 years old and has lived on her own with me and my family since she was 8 weeks old. We have just introduced a new kitten into the home and she is not a happy kitty. Although not the most social of animals when it comes to strangers she does love to play with me and my boyfriend. As she is still kitten like so we decided that bringing a kitten into the home rather than an adopted adult was a better option for her. To begin with they were kept seperate but this did not last long as the new addition shouts at the top of his voice when he is put in his own room.

Malice seems happier with him quiet and running around than with him away and shouting however she will not get out of her bed while he is around. She hisses when he goes near her. She also used to hiss at us if we touched her without washing our hands after touching him but this has stopped now which i guess is progress.We make sure that she is fed first, given a fuss first and given treats first.

I know this can be a lengthy process but seeing how upset my baby is, is very distressing to me.

Any advice to make this change easier on Malice?

thank you


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You are on the right track with giving Malice the attention first. Realistically, as long as they are not fighting, it should work itself out. You might want to try & put the little one in a separate room a few times a day to give Malice some "me" time & just play with her & be all excited. You can also try taking a towel or blankie that Malice has laid on, & rub the kitten with it, and vice versa - that way Malice will get used to the smell of the kitten, and with her smell on him, it makes it easier for her to adjust. I highly suggest trying a Feliway diffuser. They are like magic - at least for us. Tigger was not a happy boy when I brought Felix in, and would let everyone know. With the Feliway, and I also gave him calm treats for a while, he tolerates Felix now, and sometimes even groom him. Take it nice & slow & keep upbeat - they will sense your tension. They may not be the best of buds, but if they can peacefully co-exist that is a great thing. Is the kitten neutered yet? If not, that can also be what is making Malice a bit upset. Good luck! cat on moon


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Hi Thanks for your responce, have tried all these except for the Felliway, I'll be dropping by the local pet shop later for some! Thanks for the advice!


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Hope things continue to progress with the kitties! We had Elvis who was about a year old when we got our next kitty who was apparently 8 weeks but seemed much younger. Elvis was hissing and kept trying to go after the new one (Baron) but eventually they worked things out. There were times when Elvis was sleeping and I brought Baron up next to him and Baron would lay down and snuggle up and Elvis would either continue sleeping or would find a new place to sleep. They are doing great together now!

We then got two more- Dee who was about 10+ months when we got him and Moose who was 4 months. Elvis had a hard time getting along with Dee and still has a few fights a month with Dee. Things are a lot better now then what they were. If Elvis is hurt/a little off or Dee is hurt/a little off then they will go after one another.

Then we got Pieces who was unsocialized and an abused kitty. It took her about 6 months before being able to leave her room and now finally after three years she gets along with the kitties, does not go after any of them unless feels threatened and is buddies with two. It takes time! They make freeze dried treats for kitties and I've used the freeze dried chicken and turkey to help build a relationship between Pieces and one of the other kitties. They will sit side by side and eat their treats without any issues! Still a work in progress!