Need a "pee deterent" product

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Purred: Wed Sep 25, '13 6:00am PST 
I have ruled out all other issues. My male neutered cat just likes to pee in my bathroom. I need a product to use or spray to deter him. Does anyone know of one?


Purred: Fri Sep 27, '13 7:26am PST 
I havent had this problem with my cats for a long time. Malice used to pee on my bed in the night to wake me up but she has sinced been banished from the bedroom and the problem has not occured elsewhere. However I recently have had an issue with her clawing the carpet while frantically trying to get into my bedroom outside of the bedroom door. I ordered a bitter apple spray from amazon but in the mean time I put a few drops on Olbas Oil on the carpet as she hates the smell. Did the trick straight away. The bitter apple spray seems to work too.

Hope this is some help to you


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Purred: Fri Sep 27, '13 7:39am PST 
You would definitely want to remove any traces of urine from the room. Try a good enzyme-based cleaner and then follow with white vinegar to neutralize any ammonia smell. You'll probably want to keep anything attractive, like towels or rugs, off the floor and try to keep the door closed to break his habit.

As an alternative, have you considered putting a litter box in the bathroom?

If his urinating is territorial, a pheromone product like Feliway might help relieve his anxiety.

Good luck! Keep us posted. cheer