Our cats hates each others

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Hello cat lovers,
Here is the situation :

I just moved (almost a week ago) at my girlfriend's appartment wich is really small (2 rooms) with my 12 years old female cat wich always been my best friend and always hung out with me and cuddle all the times she is also very quiet.My girlfriend on her side bought a female kitty wich is now 6 months old and she's been living with her since 3 months now.


Our cats hates each others we tried keeping them in the 2 different rooms and switching them from times to times, then organize an introduction where one of the cats is in their carrier so the other one can't touch it (yes we tried with both) and then oppening the carrier so they can really meet. They always hiss and growls at each others, yesterday there seemed to be less tensions (until the young kitty when too close to my cat) but today things got worse my cat always try to attack my girlfriend's one. I also noticed that my cat is less cuddling and affective with me and it makes me real sad...we are really desperate for help we don't want to separate from our lovely furballs.

PS : I forgot to mention that both cats knew me and my girlfriend since we hung out at both of our place many times.

Sorry for bad english it is not my first tongue party.

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Cats are creatures of habit, so I am sure the new living arrangements are quite a big step for them and on top of that there is probably some jealousy. Both cats are used to at least part of the time having their parents to themselves. So some hurt feelings are to be expected. A week is not really enough time to start panicking. You might try to manage some alone time with your cats without the other person/cat there to reassure them they are still important. Some people in the forum have also had good luck with feliway diffusers and sprays and also with calming collars. You might even try a little catnip and maybe a toy they can share/play with together. Give them some time and lots of love, they will probably be okay.