4 month old kitten trying to nurse on everything!

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Purred: Tue Aug 27, '13 2:40pm PST 
I need advice. I'm new to cats and my kitten is driving me insane. She obsessively tries to nurse on my husband and I's ears, eyes and a few minutes ago my cheek. She makes a sucking sound so it's definitely that. We push her away, hide our ears and she gets pushy about it and she uses her paws to try to hold your face!

I know it sounds funny, it kinda of is, but it has got to stop! I can't even nap or sleep with her around because she goes right for your ears! Help!!!

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Purred: Wed Aug 28, '13 12:39pm PST 
Not sure how to get that to stop. We have a couple that still like to nurse, not quite as obsessive about it though. Our vet suggested it might be separation anxiety, some kittens miss their meowmy so much more than others. Perhaps some other members will have some suggestions. smile