My cat won't stop biting me!! HELP!!!

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I don't know what to do! My cat Salem will not stop biting me! And he's 4 years old! We got him at a shelter at about 3 months old. (we picked him over his brother b/c he seemed calm in comparison.) He would bite when he was younger, but more because he didn't know better- you know playful. He'd latch on to an arm or a leg and start to bite so we go him toys to distract him. This worked but still every so often he would still bite us- well me. He seems afraid of my husband.

While the frequentcy has lessened the behavior has not stopped. And the behavior is disturbing. For instance if Salem looks like he is going to bite, I will distract him and he will be fine for hours even until the next day, but then suddenly he will bite me as if he remembers that he meant to. Most of the time when he bites me it comes out of now where. I'm not petting him or bothering him in anyway. Like he'll be sitting on the bed maybe a foot from me and out of no where will bite me. He'll bite and run away like he knows it's wrong. Yet he is perfect with guests and the vet.

Today is the second time in 2 weeks that he has broken skin. My husband and I are planning on trying to have a baby in the next year, I'm scared to death that he'll bite our future children and we'll have to get rid of him.

I've tried a bunch of suggestions that I've researched online and nothing works! Someone please help!

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I'm sorry that Salem is giving you trouble. He definitely seems like he didn't have the proper socialization as a kitten and has instead learned to find his fun in biting people.

These might be useful for you:

http://pets.webmd.com/cats/guide/cat-aggression-biting-rough -play


and please try every avenue before surrendering your cat to a shelter. the sad reality of shelters is that adult cats have a very difficult time getting adopted, as so many people go for a kitten, and unfortunately end up being put to sleep more often than not due to lack of interest by the general adopting public.