How come my cat won't sleep with me anymore?

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Mr E

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My cat has been sleeping in my room, on my bed for 13 years up until about two weeks ago. Nothing has changed, not his diet, his health is good, nothing stressful,no new pets in the house...nothing! Now I find him wanting to be in a corner downstairs by the couch and just sleep there. Or I'd find his fur on the couch pillow...my pillow which means he slept there too at night. Weird. I'd bring him to my room...and he'd stay for maybe 2 min then leave. I'm offended! shock hahah. I'm not hogging my bed, I have a habit of sleeping practically on the edge of my queen size bed...so he's got tons of room. This is weird...any thoughts?


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Cats are notorious for being able to hide health problems, so any change in behavior, especially in older kitties, is worth having the vet look into. It might not be an emergency, but at least something to discuss his next routine checkup.

Hope you're cuddling with your purrent again soon, Mr E!


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It's Stella. Yes, in an older cast looking for another place to sleep or hiding is a sign of ill health. Delyte did it a lot in his last few months. He would not sleep with our person even if she put him on the bed. Do get a health check right away.

Mr E

Mr E - aka Mystery.
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cat on moon Thank you for your advice. I did notice one of his nails is super long! It's going into his padding on his paw. Maybe that's what it is? It could possibly be hurting him. My daughter usually trims his nails... (I can't see up close anymore) laugh out loud But this summer she's been busy and we simply didn't check as we usually do. I'm going to call the Vet. He is 15 but I think he's got a lot of years ahead of him. We'll go from there. Thanks again! wave

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I have found that hot weather can have a role in whether a cat wants to sleep on your bed or in a cooler place. Just a thought....