Taking trips with cat, bathroom issue?

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This weekend I will be going to visit some family that are about an hour or 2 away from me. I am unsure if I need to take my cat with me with me as the car ride is fairly long.

My question is, is it okay for her to hold it for that long? That is if she can hold it for that long. Will she be okay in her carrier for that that period of time?

Also once I get there how long should i keep her a room by herself to get used to where she is?

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When we go visit my family the trip is about 6 hours. I keep BK on a leash and put a litter box on the floor of the backseat. He did use the box on one trip but generally he holds it. A trip of an hour or two is really nothing for them. I've had shy fosters hold pee for 12 hours or more until the everyone was sleeping and they could use the box in private.

As far as how long you should keep her in a room depends on the house and the cat. If she's social and there are no other pets in the house I would let her roam. Take her out of the carrier in the room that has the litter box in it so she knows where it is. If it's a very active household (children, noise, etc.) then keep her in one room until she's relaxed. She should have a quiet place where she can escape if things get to be too much for her.


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Cats, being the naturally clean little critters they are, will typically not go in a carrier except in case of an emergency. I took a cat on a 17 hours (10 one day, 7 the next) trip and a 5 hour trip routinely when I was in grad school (because Sassy made grad school easier to bear) and she never had any issues. The only problems I've had with the cats I have now were related to Iba getting violently carsick (both ends), but those have been solved because I fast my cats for at least 4-6 hours before we go anywhere. I also give him a sedative so the 5 hour car ride doesn't seem like an eternity to either of us. One or two hours ain't nothin'!


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It's Stella. Before you put her in a room in a strange house, or let her out to explore. check it out to see that there are no open vents or holes in the floor or other places that a frightened cat could find to hide in. We Grays have taken off vent covers and wandered around in the vent system, and even found a place where the floor was weak and made a hole there that had to be boarded up.

Our person left her grad school cat in a new room overnight with a small closet for her to hide in but that apparently was not enough shelter. She crammed herself into a desk drawer and pulled it closed after her, so they heard her meowing but could not find her for the longest time. To be fair, this was another cat who liked going into holes--she went into the chimney system twice in her old apartment and was gone for several days. Would not want to cause you guys the anxiety that our person and her roommates had!

This same heroic cat flew in a carrier for more than two hours and also took a 7 hour drive with no bathroom breaks, but my person was young and stupid and didn't know how to deal with things then.

Giant purrs and everyone have a good trip! smile


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Thanks for the replies everyone!

I'm pretty sure I will be taking her now although I think I might fast her just to be safe. I wouldn't know how to handle any car sickness! I won't be putting her on leash however, considering that she doesn't like to sit still. The carrier is a better choice for me. smile

There will be a few kids there but she is used to them so I don't think there will be too much of an issue.

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