Toilet drinking

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How do you stop a cat from drinking the toilet water?
He is toilet trained- he pees in the toilet so we can't close the toilet lit. But when the toilet is flushed and clean he drinks the water!

We have clean bowls of water in the kitchen and bedroom, water is fresh every day yet he insists on drinking the toilet water shrug

I put chemicals in our toilet, like clean it with bleach and lysol and definitely don't want him drinking that.

Help! thank you

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Is training the cat to use a litter box an option? thinking

If not, try a pet water fountain. Some cats like to drink from moving water.

Add more water to the diet to keep your cat well hydrated. Don't add water to dry food - that causes bacteria to grow. Add water to canned/pouch food only.

Is there another bathroom in the house? If you have a second bathroom, maybe have the cat use just one toilet and don't use any cleaning chemical?

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Thanks Merlin for responding.

We only have one bathroom and he is really good at peeing in it so it's convenient, Id really not like to add a litter box if I dont have to.

you are right about the fountain- maybe I should get one of those thinking

He is fed wet food only.


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Can you create a plastic covering that allows for a smaller opening that fits over the bowl? That way he can still go, but may not be able to get down close enough to drink out of it?

Toby is fascinated with the toilet (and all water) - cats are so weird.


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The simplest answer might be to not use harsh chemicals to clean the toilet. Look into using non-toxic products, and then you won't have to worry if he drinks it.