Let's Talk: Do You Walk Your Cat on a Leash?

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Purred: Wed Jul 31, '13 1:48pm PST 
Catster author JaneA Kelly likes taking her kitties out for walks on a leash.

How about you? Do you walk your cat on a leash ? Have you tried it? Do you have any other advice for people who want to take their cats out for a walk? Please share your thoughts in the article comments!


Purred: Wed Jul 31, '13 5:57pm PST 
My owner takes me out on a leash but I am not very good at walking more than a block or so because I am distracted by many things. I am completely fine wearing a harness and I sit outside on my leash (with my owner) but I just don't get the concept of going for walks. I want to run in all kinds of directions and my owner just doesn't let me. My owner did buy a kitty stroller and he loads me up in that and walks me two blocks to the park where he lets me walk in whatever direction I want (on my leash). Sometimes when both my owners are together and not dogs are in sight, he lets me run around the park with no leash. I like to ride in the stroller but I am a cat that is not bothered by being put into cat carriers or by car rides. My sister will not tolerate the stroller. He'll walk me around the neighborhood in the stroller which looks like a baby stroller. My owner tells the neighbors it is his new hairy-faced baby. I find it odd that humans seem amused by such childish humor.


The Mitten
Purred: Sun Aug 4, '13 6:55am PST 
I do not walk either of my cats on a leash. They do not go outside at all. My only experience with cats that are outside for any purpose (on a leash, in an enclosure, allowed to play in the yard) is they try to sneak out. Constantly.
My friend had to deal with her cats doing it while we were growing up, she let my cat out against my wishes and he always wanted out and was eventually hit by a car when he snuck out.
I live on a very busy street and it`s not worth it to me. Perhaps one day if we live somewhere quieter it`ll be a different story but for now they are firmly indoor only.