Outdoor cat wanders in

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Purred: Mon Jul 29, '13 8:46pm PST 
My neighbor has a very friendly outside only cat who tends to wander into my apartment. If I open the door, he'll saunter in like he owns the place!
By some miracle, my cat actually seems to like him and lets him eat out of her bowl.
I feel like I should take to his owners about adopting him since...But I also feel a bit awkward calling them up to say "Your cat wandered into my home so can I keep him?"


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Purred: Wed Jul 31, '13 2:25pm PST 
Are they nice people? do they care about this cat or is he being neglected? I guess you could say "hello - your sweet kitty has been visiting me frequently & my cat (me too) has just fallen in love with him. I would love to adopt him PERMANENTLY so that she has a friend inside to keep her company! Is this something you would be in agreement with?" Then I would draw up a paper stating that they relinquish the cat to you so that you have no problems in the future. I hope it works out for you!way to go