What are the strange things your cat does?

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Purred: Fri Jul 19, '13 10:05am PST 
Does your cat have some strange behavior that makes you wonder about what does through their head? If so, what is it?

My cat, Pocket, likes to lay in the kitchen and stares at the air vent that is under the sink. I don't know why. It just started up one day and now she's always laying there. Maybe the floors cool, I don't know. What ever it is, it sure is different.


Purred: Mon Jul 22, '13 6:35pm PST 
I have a toy rat. Everyday my owner goes to work and leaves the rat upstairs in the same spot. When he's at work I get the rat and move it. Sometimes I leave it in his shoe but most often I just drop in front of my food bowl. A couple of times I dropped it in the water bowl. My owner thinks this is some mysterious cat behavior but I really just do it to provide him with some cheap entertainment.


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Purred: Tue Jul 23, '13 3:28am PST 
Toby loves water. He plays in his water dish, will keep me company in the bathtub, will stuff his head under the sink faucet, and will take a drink out of anyone's water glass they've left lying around.

He also is always getting into the dog food. confused


Queen Bee
Purred: Wed Jul 24, '13 9:47am PST 
Fiyero enjoys the tub, but occasionally, he will hop in (not when the water's on) and start pawing at the tub surround as if he can free himself from his *oh-so-mean-and-inhumane* prison. He also sometimes hangs out with me while I'm taking a shower, and he'll sit on the toilet (lid closed) and paw at my leg as I'm getting in the tub. I always know when it's time to trim his nails if he's drawing blood when he does this.

Iba walks on a harness and a leash which some people find quite strange. I can actually walk him through Petco with no problems. Iba's other eccentricities are more health-related than behavior related.

Laila will pick a fight with the 90 pound mastiff, which is endlessly entertaining for me. She wins too!

Trek really is the world's most curious cat, and he loves to jump into the fridge when the door is open (it's a french door refrigerator). He has also been known to jump into kitchen cabinets and drawers. Goof ball.


Raw fed &- polydactyl!
Purred: Sat Jul 27, '13 11:31am PST 
I have one more thing to add....

Toby is a "Supervisor" cat. I'm used to him wanting to be involved in everything we do -- but most hilarious (to me) is when I'm scooping the litterbox. He stands right beside me and looks down at me scooping the litter and it's a little uncomfortable! I laugh about it, but we're like .... We hope he's just curious and not being a d*#&$!... like, "yeah.. scoop my pooop!" - hahaha....


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Purred: Sat Jul 27, '13 12:11pm PST 
Ha! Toby, I can do you one better. If I'm bent over cleaning the kitty boxes, Trek will jump on my back and peer over my shoulder. Thus far, I have not had any complaints about my job performance....


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Purred: Mon Jul 29, '13 2:30pm PST 
Maizy carries around a stuffed dog & mrows at the same time, like it is her baby. Tig will lie on his shoulder & flip his arm & paw like he is trying to reach under the sofa, but he will just scootch along the floor doing that.