Cat urine problems. help!!

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Hello. I have a problem. I have 2 cats. Samson, a 2 year old yellow tabby and Babushka. A about... 4 or 5 year old half Siamese/half Persian. Samson is a dream cat. He's simply amazing but babshuka... When I got her she was a bag of bones, couldn't eat, urinated blood and was terrified of everything. (that was a little over two yrs ago) it took me ver a year but I got her to a healthy weight, she enjoys people now and she hasn't peed blood since. There is only one issue. She pees.... EVERYWHERE. I have tried everything. I have tried meds, behavioral therapy, punish and reward, praying, even kenneling! Nothing works! And to make matters worse I am an anosmiac. That means I have no sense of smell so I only notice it while cleaning or when I sit/step in it. She has her own litter box. She eats regularly and drinks lots of water but its like he is bent of peeing on everything. The only thing I haven't tried is surgery. And the vet says he doesn't think she needs it. It's behavioral. When I first got her the people did say she was always outside (yeah and look how they gave her to me). My cats ate strict INDOOR cats. Could that be it? She wants outside? And I just moved to a very busy street and there are dogs all around us. and my neighbor has 3 known cat killer pits. (I love dogs and pits I just don't want my cat to die) its been a little over two Years now and I can't keep doing this. My boyfriend wants her. Gone and it makes me sad. Help!


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Please don't let her out - it's way too dangerous. I love the catinfo.org website and there's a page that has all the reasons cats pee outside the box and what you can do about it. Take a look and try some of the suggestions. I doubt her issue is that she wants out, it's more likely that something's wrong. You mentioned the blood in the pee before, and that she drinks water - I'm guessing she's on a dry food diet which can cause serious urinary issues. Here's all the info:

Good luck!


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I agree with BK, catinfo.org is a very good website, it has info about peeing outside, like BK said, and it has info about food and stuff. Try it out, you'll get exactly what you need. Good luck!! big grin


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I have had a cat with "occasional" peeing problems, I know how frustrating this is. I will tell you some things that have worked for me. My cats, btw, is most def behavioral, she has been checked by the vet and no uti, etc.

First of all, if you are not feeding her canned food, you NEED to do this. It is very important. I know many think of us people that believe that as nutcase know it alls, but that is not the case. Most of us have been through enough pee/health issues, and FINALLY gotten good advice on cat nutrition. You will are not likely to get this from a vet, they don't know enough about food nutrition. Read catinfo.org, read ALL of it. It is the best advice you can follow on what to feed your cat. One of my vets is holistic, and wholeheartedly believes that most issues with cats is directly related to their diet and if you have a good diet, you will avoid many other problems. If you are going to say "but my cat won't eat canned food" (I've had one of those), it can be done. Come back on here and ask, and I will tell you EXACTLY what I did to get the world's most stubborn cat to eat canned food, it can be done. Any cat of mine that peed blood would never eat kibble again in it's life, ever. No matter if it is "special uti dry food".....phooey....no dry food! Sorry if you are already doing this, I wasn't sure, it just didn't state in your post if your cat was already on canned food.

My cat with the peeing issues, is declawed, she is 10. I had her declawed, something I deeply regret that I did, and will never do again to another cat. I believe wholeheartedly that many peeing issues are directly related to declawing....cats avoid the box because the gritty litter gets stuck in their paws, it hurts, a comforter, carpet or pillow is way more comfortable. If your cat is declawed....and I am in no way to judge, I have one myself, this could be a cause. Experimenting with different types of cat litter is something you should do...even if declawing is not a possibility. Some cats just hate certain kinds of litter. I have the Breeze Litter System, which I LOVE, look it up on Amazon.com and read the reviews on it, to get an idea of how it works, it is much different than a traditional litter box. My declawed girl has been using hers for about 6 months and she has not had any accidents since using it. The litter is the size of feline pine, only they are plastic, they last a month, and they do not get stuck in her feet. I scoop out the poop immediately, and there is virtually NO pee odor whatsoever IF you change the pee pad once a week, spray it with a safe all natural spray and wipe it with a paper towel before you add a new pad, change the pellets in a month, and spray out the box once a month with a hose to keep it very clean. IF you do all of those things, there is almost no smell with this litter box at all. If you are one to not scoop it daily, not keep it pristine....do not get this box, it is not for you, but if you are fastidious about keeping it clean, it is a DREAM litter box with no smell (until you change the pad and then you will smell it). My cat is very finicky about a clean litter box, and I think this is why she loves this litter box, because it is always very clean, there are no pee clumps to deal with, it works great for us.

You may also want to try feline pine. If you scoop that once a day (the poop) and change it out once a week, spray it out, it works very well at keeping the smell down. World's Best Cat Litter works very well also, and it is all natural, softer on the paws, and I have one traditional litter box with and I alternate between these two litter types and all of my cats love this litter box.

If your litter box is covered, take the cover off, to see if that is possibly why the cat is avoiding the box. Get more litter boxes and put them near the places the cat is peeing. Before you do that, you need to clean up with vinegar and water....regular old white vinegar, it works very well, to get rid of the smell and it is very inexpensive. If there are blankets or things that have been peed on, put a cup of vinegar right into the laundry too to help get rid of the smell. Get rid of anything you can that has been peed on. If it's a couch, keep some cheap blankets on it and if it gets peed on, vingegar and water too clean that too. You don't have to buy actual litter boxes, use a lid to a copy paper box, a plastic inexpensive storage container, put several of them throughout your house, so the cat has options. Some people don't like the idea of having to clean multiple litter boxes, but it is better than cleaning cat pee off of a couch. And you will most likely find the one spot that your cat prefers to go this way.

Keep clothes, blankets, anything soft off the floor. If your cat likes to pee in clean laundry (I have had one of those before), don't leave it around for that to happen. It's kind of a pain, but you have to be proactive.

If you are currently using a litter box that is old, throw it away and get a new one. This was once a problem with me when we started having issues once and we realized we had not replaced this box in some time, had not been hosing it out very often, and it did sort of reek. We got a new one, this one we hose it out once a week (a pain I know, but so worth it) and we have not had any problems since doing this.

I have 3 cats, 3 litter boxes. 2 breezes and one with the feline pine or WBCL. I keep everything as clean as possible. They are all very accesible to the cats, nobody has to walk very far to go take a leak. I think keeping everything squeaky clean and accessible, and having different choices, and keeping soft things off the floor, have all helped greatly with my girls problem, and she has not had a peeing accident (knocking on wood!) for 6 months since we have had the Breeze. I think her problem was a combination of her being declawed, and not liking litter in her paw pads, and the fact that we have issues with her having to live a separate life with my other two cats, having to be on a crazy rotation schedule, but her knowing we have other cats in the house does not make her happy, in fact it ticks her off greatly, but we give her extra love and affection, she is the queen, the diva, been here the longest, and she gets the run of the house all night while the boys are put up for the night.....so she does have privilages that the other two do not. Still, I think her issues are behavior mostly, related to the other cats in my house.

Sorry this is so long. I hope you are able to get a handle on what is causing the problem. It is so frustrating. Best of luck.


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I just went back and re read your post, I wanted to say that I would not let her out if she has been a strictly indoor cat, especially if she is declawed. However, if it comes to be that you cannot get a grip on her peeing problems, I have known people who will resort to letting their cats be indoor/outdoor in hopes that the peeing will stop. I would not rush to do that though. I just feel like I would do it as a last resort. If you don't get a handle on the problem though, I don't think her going outside is going to fix it. And then of course, once you let your cat out, you have to accept the possiblity that this cat may get killed by a car, another animal, run away, get a disease etc. I have friends and family who have a cat that they cannot bear to keep inside still and they realize all of the dangers, and sometimes the cats desire is so strong to be outdoors that they let them out. It's just something you need to think long and hard about before you do it. I coulnd't do it, but I totally understand why some people do it.