Humping everything in sight.

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Purred: Mon May 20, '13 7:20pm PST 
Bo has been fixed yet he keeps me up at night humping his stuffed animals and all four real dogs. I put him off the bed and he carries his stuffed animals up there one by one and goes at it again. The dogs are sleeping with one eye open for fear they're next. Help!!!


Psycho kitty
Purred: Fri Jun 28, '13 11:20am PST 
Try making him a room, how big is your house and how many bedrooms? Give him his own room, with litter box, food water etc. If this bothers you at night, give him a room that is far enough away. If you don't want his stuffed animals in there, don't put them in....Your choice. Does he sleep in a bed? If he does, make sure you put that in there too. Don't let your dogs in that room either.If you don't have a 2-3 bedroom house, then put your dogs in your room at night, and if the stuffed animals are a problem, then put them in there too. Also be sure that you keep him under control, also maybe see a vet about this. Mikko has never done this before, but this is what I would do. I have a 3 bedroom house, so if he does this ever, this is exactly what I will do. Good luck! smile

(Only do this if you have a 2-3 bedroom house, and make sure you don't hit him.)