She sleeps...then wakes me up

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Slyvy sleeps next to me until about 5am. At that point she's trouble! She climbs the curtain, knocks things onto me, bats at my face...

She does this for about half an hour until I kick her out and close the door.

She can't be hungry since there's always kibble left and I don't give her gooey food until 10:30.

She has no toys in the bedroom and I don't play with her in there.

So, how do I get her to sleep through the night, or leave me alone!


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Oh, how I wish I had the answer to this! Both of my 1-year olds, Edison and Tesla, sleep with my boyfriend and me through the night usually, until the first hint of sunrise and then they're immediately up and demanding food from yours truly.

For awhile, they would wrestle on top of our legs, then Edison would hop off the bed and make a beeline for a lamp cord, which he'd chew obnoxiously until I got up and kept him from it (not easy). We moved furniture around so there were no cords for him to chew, so he started knocking things off the nightstand, jumping on top of doors, and most recently, pretending to cuddle with me then biting/scratching up my arm until I kick him off the bed.

These cats hate closed doors of any kind, so we can't throw them out of the bedroom or they'll pull up the carpet around the door and meow constantly until we let them back in. My only suggestion (not that it's worked for me, sigh) is to play with Sylvie a bunch in the evening to wear her out, then hopefully she'll sleep just a little bit later.

Anyone have any suggestions for my troublemakers? In a behavior book I read, they're best described as attention-seeking cats, which means if you want to deter bad behavior you simply have to ignore them. I can't do that when I'm getting bitten and scratched at 5am!


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Your kitties are doing what comes naturally. Cats have a continuous hunt, eat, groom, sleep pattern throughout the day, but they are particularly active at dusk and dawn, times when their wild prey would also naturally be more active. When they get older, they'll probably settle down somewhat and sleep through the night, but while they're young, this is what they do. It would be better to close them out of your bedroom at night, but giving them all kinds of toys and other things to do and play with in other areas of the house. To keep them away from your bedroom door at night, set up motion-activated devices that blow puffs of air (a suggestion from Jackson Galaxy).

Here is a story my mom wrote on exactly this subject:
http://www.humanesociety.org/news/magazines/2010/09-10/the _dawn_patrol.html

Good luck!


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If you find the answer to how to not have this happen, please let me know. My cats are big pains in the ass in the morning. My two boy cats sleep with my daughter in her room at night. One of them is a 1 year old curtain climber, who starts crying five minutes before the alarm goes off. We get up at 5:30 am during the week, high school starts really early here, so we are up early, and so is he. I have found that if he gets fed a meal at bedtime, he tends to sleep better. So my cats get fed three small meals a day, the pm meal being the largest one for him. For the most part, he is pretty good, but he has his moments when he is naughty and drives everyone crazy. My oldest cat, she is 10, and for the first two years of her life, we had to put her up in the bathroom at night, because she drove us crazy all night long. It was a sort of small bathroom, and for some reason, she settled right down and slept on the very cozy rug in there, and did not make a peep. She still on occasion walks in and starts screaming her fool head off at 3:00 am, but she has gotten better. This is having cats. They just don't care about time, unfortunately.

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I wanted to tell "Edison" that there is a solution for your cats ripping at your carpet by your closed bedroom door. I just purchased a product called the Carpet Scratch Stopper about 2 months ago and it really works! My cat Madison no longer wakes me up by ripping up the carpet...it seems she just lost interest. Thank goodness because I was at my wits end and although de-clawing would never be the answer for me, at times the thought popped into my head! kitty


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Success--sort of! We talked to an animal behaviorist and she recommended we feed them right before we go to bed, so they won't be hungry in the morning. An idea of mine was to set a separate alarm sound on our phone that means we get up immediately and feed them when it goes off. We're moving it back a minute each day until we have it where we want it.

The first morning, the cats didn't even bother us. The second morning, they were on the bed running around a little but nowhere near as bad as before. Yesterday, we didn't set the alarm but they had us up by 6:15 (not a big deal since I'm usually up by 6:30 but we've been setting them alarm for 6:00, 6:01, etc.).

We had it go off at 6:03 today and when I woke up, I actually freaked out for a sec because the cats weren't even in the bedroom! I got up, and they were sitting in the living room. When they saw me they stretched and started their usual meowing antics, but no bedroom bullying! Very happy about these results, will continue to see if it works smile


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I am so glad i found this! I have two 8 week old kittens amd we play them till they pass out at night but my little female is always up at 5 and then wakes her brother up. See they don't really bother us but they play like crazy and chase each other around. And sometimes over top of us. But my only prolem is they aren't hungry in the mornings. They are just too hyper. Actually Pheobe is just too hyper.