Introduction of new kitten

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I have a 5.5yr baby who is still in many ways my kitten. She's been an only cat for most of her life and while she did have a sister for a year, they weren't friends.

There were no fights, only Payton hiding from Slyvy.
They did eat in the same room without drama and use the same litter box.

In a month, I might be getting a new kitten. She's a gorgeous chocolate Himalayan. The girl is 8 weeks now and I'll be getting around 18 or 20 weeks.

Once I get the kitten, I know to keep her in a separate room, use the towel for scent exchange and slowly introduce them.

My question is, what can I do now to pave the way for these girls to be friends?
I'd like the introduction process to be quick and painless.
I work long hours so......

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I know there are all kinds of ways to introduce new critters...adding dogs to the house for instance is complicated sometimes. But a new kitty is fairly easy. You're doing it right...a towel or blanket with the new scent. Even having the smell on you. For instance if you visit kitten and hold her then go home and hold senior cat you will probably be sniffed carefully. If you pet and hold senior cat she might be more accepting of you smelling like someone else.

When they first meet some hissing and fluffing is to be expected. A private room for new cat with food and litter is a good idea. Then gradually with supervision let the door open so they can scope each other out. It takes time.

We have seven cats and some of them can't stand each other, and some of them wash and sleep with each other, add the dynamic of the dogs and once again they all have very different personalities about who they like. Your kitties will do fine together I'm sure. A nice bonding exercise after the new cat is settled in-putting a handful of cat treats on the floor and they'll bond while they scarf...good luck!cat on moon