Why is this stray cat terrorizing my spayed and neutered cats?

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I tried to ask this question on "Answers," but it won't save the whole thing. The questions are listed in my profile, but when I click on them, it says they don't exist. Anyway, here's my question:

I have seven cats I rescued. One is the mother of the other six. I had all of them spayed and neutered. But now, there are other cats coming into my yard, terrifying my cats.

This is what happens at least twice a week: I hear tumbling outside, then a cat screaming horribly. I run outside, and see this big ugly cat with a scar on its face running away from me.

My mama cat sleeps with me, so she'll go out and start growling, and help chase it away. All of the kittens will have charged into the house, and hidden in the garage. Why is this weird cat doing this?

I set food outside, but this cat doesn't seem to be interested in the food. There used to be another cat that had been stealing all the food (and was a smaller version of the big cat hanging around now), and used to sometimes fight with the bigger cat. I was able to trap that one and take it to the shelter (I just couldn't afford to rescue another cat, especially one getting in fights).

So why is this happening?

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My guess is this is a tom cat with territorial tendencies. If there is a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) group in your area, ask them to come place a trap. Once they capture the cat, they will have him neutered, then return him to the neighborhood. Once he's been fixed, his territorial aggression should all but disappear and he will hopefully stop beating up on your fur kids.