Won't sleep here anyone

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Hi there,
To start off, my cat Rory has been sleeping with me since she was 5 weeks old.

A few months ago my aunt and uncle came to stay with us for two weeks with their little dog. They stayed in my bedroom for those two weeks.

Ever since they left Rory hasn't slept with me, she now sleeps with either my sister or my mother. Both in places she had never slept before prior to the visit. I've tried cleaning and making is a positive experience if she is in my room. She won't even come in my room at all, since they left. I have to bring her in and half the time she growls at me when I do.

The dog has been back since the two weeks, and has slept in the areas that she now is sleeping in.

Any ideas of how to get her back to her normal routine? This has all been going on since December.


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is it possible the dog had an accident in that area? You can tell with a blacklight. You would then have to clean with an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle. Which is not a bad idea to try anyways. It comes in a spray & you can spritz it all over - it will take the dogginess that she is probably smelling. Make your room a positive spot - treats, special toys, so that she will want to go there again. Perhaps she was upset about the dog in her turf & she is avoiding the area right now. Maybe a Feliway infusser in your room may help too. Smitty here is a carbon copy of you!


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This probably isn't what you want to hear, but cats can be capricious and judgy little creatures. As long as the cat is otherwise healthy and not destructive, etc., let him sleep where he wants. He'll come back when he feels like it. I left my cat for a semester to go to Egypt and she ignored me all summer after I got back. But she got over it.