The perils of an overly curious cat....

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If Trek and I are to continue to live in one accord in my apartment, I may be in need of some assistance trying to curb his overly curious ways.

Trek was so named because when I got him as a foster when he was 4 weeks old, he figured out how to get out of the laundry basket he and his sisters were drying off and warming up in (I had put a heating pad in the bottom). He then climbed off the sofa, traipsed around the living room, then climbed back on the sofa and (with a little assistance from me) back into the laundry basket. Quite the little adventure boy is he....

Anyhow, Trek is now a year old, and a foster failure to boot. He is also proof that if curiosity is what kills the cat, it's probably because that curiosity caused an owner to snap. He gets into EVERYTHING. The refrigerator door opening is his siren song. He also jumps into the freezer and my kitchen cabinets. These are annoying, but not nearly as infuriating as his penchant for exploring my kitchen countertops All. The. Time. When he gets up there, I will take a spray bottle to him, but it takes about 12 streams of water for him to get the message and it never quite cures him of this particular affliction. It's gotten to the point that if I'm in the kitchen trying to cook, I have to keep one eye on the food and one on the cat, prepared to scoot him out of the way when he looks like he's about to jump.

The spray bottle isn't working, but all of the deterrent sprays that I can find at Petsmart and Petco say that they are harmful if inhaled and shouldn't come into contact with skin, so I'm not a big fan of using them--especially since one of my other cats has asthma. Anyone else got counter jumpers? How did you break them of the habit?

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I can totally sympathize with you! My boy Julian is now 15 months old but I think for the
First 7 months after I got him I was super stressed over his inability to be disciplined!!
He got into everything !!... Cupboards, the top of the shower frame while I was in there,
My not very sturdy display shelves, through the blinds, in the fridge, on the stove ... The list goes on...
I used toget so angry sometimes especially at 2am!, but I found the more angry I got the more he sensed it
And the more enjoyable it became!, so I tried ignoring - which kind of worked...
Water spray - forget it! Like your cat, he'd just look at me, jump down after about 10 sprays then
Get back up again.
Now, I am happy to say, after all this time he is FINALLY starting to calm down, it's like none of those
Things are really a novelty anymore. Also, I think it had something to do with being allowed
Outside in the day, therefore he used all his energy up on that. If you don't have this option
You could try some interactive toys that are on a timer during the day?
Could work.
Hope this helps!


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I am having the same issues with my newest kitten Stephano. He is naughty! Does all of the same things your kitty does. Spray bottle is not working so great for us either. This morning, he opened the drawer that had a bag of cat nip in it, chewed through the bag, and we found him lying in the middle of the cat nip mess. LOL!! This is one of the least awful things he has done by the way. We try to tire him out with the laser pointer, lots of cat toys, and that does help. But I can tell you that I do put him up at night, he sleeps in my daughter's room with his brother Taffy, and both cats are accustomed to this at bedtime, so they do go in there and sleep. He does not have the run of the house. This way we get some peace and quiet when we sleep. Also, when I go to work, and I only work 3 days a week, 6 hours a day, he is away in the bedroom. He has a cat tree and a window in there, so he is quite comfortable in there, but he does not have the run of the house while we are gone. Mainly because we have a dog, and though I trust the dog, I don't want him hassling the dog all day long and you never know, so I put him up. He gets to come out the minute I come home, so he has plenty of time out, and he knows when it's time to go up. This keeps him out of a lot of trouble. Have you tried the pennies in a coke can trick? Making noise at him when he jumps on the counter? i've heard some people have success with this more than the water bottle. I know all about the curious cat! I am always happy when they turn into fat, lazy cats!