pooping outside the box - but not all the time...

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Betty rescue cat (tiny and long haired). She had one litter before she was spade and I adopted her 12 years ago. She has always been one of two cats until 9 months ago when she became an only cat. She has started pooping outside the litter box. She only does it about once a week and always in the same room as the litter box but just not in it. (It's not like she can't get there - sometimes she goes beyond it or just generally close by.) The rest of the time she poops in the box like she always has.

I changed the litter from clumping clay to World's Best about a year ago. I changed it back when this outside the box action started about 6 weeks ago.

She has been to the vet and is fine healthwise. She eats like there's no tomorrow (canned only) but stays about 6 pounds. She drinks sufficient water and always pees in the box. She's chipper and energetic and responsive.

I'm home most of the time and she seems to enjoy being the only cat and having my full attention.

Any ideas about how I can convince her to going in the litterbox all the time?