Help? 6mo kitten moving into house with 17yo cat.

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Okay, So I feel like this is maybe the right forum to post this in.

This situation is pretty unique, compared to a lot of ones I've read.
I know there is no definite answer, but any suggestions will be helpful.

I'm going to be moving in with my parents due to school, I currently live in an apartment with my 6 month old male kitten (Who I have had since he was 10 weeks).
He's pretty well behaved for the most part, but has never really been around other animals.

So in about Three weeks time I will be moving out and into my parents house.
On their end of this situation, they have a very senior female cat (17 years old) and a very passive medium size female dog (6 years).

I'm not worried about the dog and kitten living with each other, She is very tolerant with cats. Though, I am worried about the senior and kitten.

A bit more info,
Kitten is getting neutered a week from now, has shots, we plan on getting nail caps.
Senior is spayed, generally healthy, has had shots, declawed.

How do I properly introduce them without conflict?
Also, How do I introduce kitten to a big house?
And, anything else I should know?

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Introduce the kitten to your room at first, the slowly introduce him to the rest of the house while the older cat is not around. A good investment might be a baby gate. Let the cats "meet" with the gate in between. (Your kitten in your room, the big cat in the rest of the house) You can also feed the cats on opposite sides of the gate daily to help them become more comfortable with each other. Ideally the gate should be gone in a few weeks.
The biggest problem I've heard with senior cats and kittens is the kitten ends up being far too rambunctious and someone ends up getting hurt. Be sure you're exercising the kitten enough every day so they're not running over the senior cat.