We're having a problem like Morticia is having, but with Sugar

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The Queen
Purred: Sat Feb 23, '13 5:32pm PST 
Sugar is 17 years old and like Morticia, we haven't taken her to the vet in a few years. We will be doing that soon, provided she stops attacking. She is a sweet cat and was even that way this morning. Then later on in the day, Gypsy Road went into the bathroomm...no where NEAR her...and she came tearing out of the bathroom, in Kung Fu Fighting style! She was hissing and literally hitting him. Now don't tell it's the dog fault. It was not as he was NOT NEAR HER at the time. I went in and gave her a little swat on the butt. She then growled and hissed at me. We left her alone. About an hour later, I went to check on her and noticed that she needed some water. I went to turn on the faucet and she scratched me on the arm...enough to were it bled and I am now bruised in that area. She kept growling. I offered her some treats and she ate them, with what sounded like the word "Yum", but kept growling. She ate breakfast with no problem. She did eventually calm down some and let us pet her. She ate her dinner with gusto...which is normal for her. Well, then again, just a few minutes ago, she went after Gypsy Road again...when he wasn't near her. We're not picking her up and taking her to the vet when she keeps doing that. Right now, she is restricted to the bathroom. Read Morticia's post and I was wondering the same thing. Is this behavior related? Is it health related? If it is, how do we calm her down long enough to get her into the crate? If it's behavior...HELP!! Again, please don't say it's the dog's fault. You really don't want to upset me with that, considering I SAW what happened between them. Thank you.