Cat spends more time in new litterbox

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Purred: Wed Feb 6, '13 7:59am PST 
I went from an open litterbox to one with a lid and clear plastic swinging door. Now Squeaky spends a fair amount of time in it facing the outside world. I think the door makes her feel like she's in a safe and secure hiding spot. I'm thinking of taking the door off to encourage her to spend more time elsewhere. She's 7 months old. Since this started with the new litterbox, I don't think it's a health issue, though might it become one? Any thoughts?


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Tobi does the same thing. Her box isn't covered, but it's definitely her safe zone. We've gotten her a small kitty condo, and it seems to be working fairly well. Tobi still sits in her box every now and then, but she spends more time in the condo. If you're worried about Squeaky's health, I would recommend the same smile


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Tia is the same way. I got her one of those domed litter boxes that has the steps in it to catch stray litter. She likes to go in there to get away from the dogs. I haven't been able to get her a new cat condo, either. Once my room mate is out I'll be able to.

I think they go in there because it's one spot only they are allowed in.