Unprovoked, without warning Vicious attacks while petting.

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Hi Charlie, I can tell you how to fix this, I have show cats, but sometimes I find, that telling someone the truth, even tho its what they asked for, can sometimes get me in trouble, so I have to be very careful, how I word it, which, I don't do anymore, LOL, its just too time consuming, and makes my head hurt, LOL. laugh out loud

So, I will approach this another way. wave

We all know what happens, when parents don't disaplin children, or teach them manners and responsibility. Its part of shaping them into well adjusted and responsible adults.

You mentioned the possibility of children. What are your plans to teach the child manners and responsibility?

Think of your 7 month old kitten, as a young child, he must be taught "now" what his boundries are, same as a child is taught, he must be taught manners "now" and he must be taught, his parents are the head of the pride, and he must yeild to you both.

Mine are very very well behaved. They didn't come from the breeder like that, they were taught and trained, starting as 8 week old kittens.

I can tell you, if you don't correct this right now, very minor and very easily corrected issue, its just going to get worse. If you asked Jackson Galaxy, he would tell you the truth, but, he ain't gonna get in trouble for it, LOL.

I also know all about Siberians, they are rare and very expensive, and you went thru a very lenghthy and very carefull screening process by the breeder. They felt this was a good match, or you wouldn't have the kitten.

The breeder is there to help you, with any problem, they want you to contact them, if you have an issue, they want the kitten to have a good home and be taught manners.

I also know, that neutering him, was in your contract. Some let the kitten go, and require proof of neutering, before they give you registration papers. I know how Siberian breeders are, most, will have him neutered and all his shots, before he goes to his new home, usually at 12 weeks, some at 16 weeks, I get to take mine home at 8 weeks, because I am very well known on the circuit, and very well known for having very well behaved kittens on the circuit.

Best to contact your breeder, they will be very happy to help you with this, and they aren't going to get in trouble, for telling you the truth, LOL. laugh out loud

How you do this, is no different, than a momma kitty, disaplining her kittens, its the exact same principal. Best of luck, whatever you decide to do, but ya gotta do it "now". wave


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To Morticle's owner: I think there may be something neurological or a chemical imablance going on, because this is a new behavior for your cat. When you are able, take her to the vet for bloodwork. If you live in the U.S., visit humanesociety.org or the ASPCA website to find organizations that could help you financially.


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I just wanted to let you know, I know exactly how you feel. My cat would do that sometimes and everyone was like, "Oh, she's playing!" Then eventually a friend (who's an animal technician) saw an attack and actually had to pull Nova off my arm. There was a fair bit of blood (considering) and she'd ripped my cardigan. People took me more seriously after that!

I've come to realise I can distract her with certain toys, and she's gotten better as she's gotten older, which I know isn't relevant to your circumstance but I just wanted you to know that I get your pain! Now, when Nova randomly attacks, I'll pop her into a different room and close the door. She's got toys all through the house, so she expends the more violent energy by herself, and then I'll play with her.


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I'd say get her checked by a vet if there's any way to do it financially. I also agree to try playing with her more often if you can to try and expend some of the energy. Although Violet's a sweetie, she's more "nutso" on evenings when I haven't had the time to play with her. She's much calmer when we get some one on one play time.


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I'm glad I came across this post, I too am having a similar problem which I have booked in to see
a vet behaviourist about. My cat is 2 years old and I have been having problems with unprovoked attacks when standing up to walk one or two metres to the kitchen or bedroom and being launched upon by him and bitten first on my foot and if I don't react (which I feel he's waiting for a reaction) he bites harder and higher up, the other day he reached my thigh drawing blood and with each attack he's almost up on his back legs and ears back coming back for more! like he's snapped into a completely different cat! He's generally a very friendly, happy , social cat with no fear so I don't understand why he acts this way. It doesn't make a difference if I react and yell or if I remain still and quiet. I'm trying some extra play sessions and trying to get down lower when passing him in case it is my height that is suddenly frightening him.
I've noticed this happens 95%of the time at night, and after his dinner never before. I can have 2 weeks straight of no attacks and then he does it again.
I love him so much and I can't wait to get some more info from the vet soon and perhaps some of you also.

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To the OP, i too have the same problem. she wont behave like this with the men in my household. only me. i am the only female. feliway only works so much. i have had to cloister her away from the men in the household. she liked to sniff/snort/huff their underwear, backpacks, shirts, shoes etc. her aggressive attack behavior that you described would worsen after she got into testosterone laden clothing. i am at wits end. i love my kitty. but i cant walk into a room sometimes without being attacked viciously and for no apparent reason. no she is not in pain. when she is like this only my teen sons can hold her or pet her!!!!! the problem with that is that teenage sons are not home enough to protect me. help!


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I've had so many cats I should be an expert by now but I agree there could be something medical or neurological going on. Then again there are some perfectly healthy cats that just aren't happy campers sometimes.
Our Ninja is affectionate to the point of being obnoxious most of the time. He'll twirl around us, around the dogs and other cats too...demanding attention. Some nights he'll jump on the bed and pace over dogs and humans the same way. Purring, rolling, making muffins and chirping "Pet me, pet me, I am here, I am here!!!" BUT if you try to pick him up or put him on your lap and it's not his choice he growls and spits. Go figure...Perfectly lovey when it's his choice, not yours.

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I've been having similar problems. My cat is a year and a half old, i got him when he was 5 months old, he's neutered, up to date with shots and healthy. He had a vet check and his yearly shots bout 2 weeks ago.

It's only happened about 3 times, one being today where i was lying in front of the heater and he came and lay next to me and snuggled up, i patted him for a bit then he rolled onto his back, I then patted his stomach, he wrapped his paws around my arm then lightly bit my hand, I gave a little growl and said no, slowly pulled my hand back then stood up. He then got up, ears back, dialted pupils and the weird meow he does when he sees the neighbors cats ( although to be fair he only ever sniffs them, never attacks) then he stalked me as i slowly walked back towards the kitchen where i sprayed a bit of water on him and he ran off then was fine. It really freaked me out cause I couldn't predict what he was going to do.

Is this over stimulation or something else? It's only happened 3 times and he shows no sign of being aggressive before or any other time and is very sweet. He's indoor, outdoor cat, with only being allowed out when someone is home and never at night. Another time he did it was when he was trying to swipe at a cat outside the window and I just happened to walk past then he leaped onto my leg and got a few nasty scratches.

any advice would be great!

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