Problems with the litter kwitter

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I have a siamese mix 10 month old kitten. while he is a great bundle of fuzzy cuteness he is also a mess to clean up after! first he made an insane mess in the bathroom with the litter box and while I know he was a kitten the mess was abnormal even for a kitten. all over the floor, toilet, sink, tub, not only on the toilet but in the toilet. So being that he made such a mess, I decided to start useing the litter kwitter. the first stage went well w/ the red stage. now he is on the amber stage and peeing on the kwitter and pooing in the tub. we tried filling it with water which kept him from pooing in the tub, but now he is useing the floor next to the toilet. I ordered the inbeteween stage but am currently waiting on it to get here. does anybody have any suggestions on how to get him to use the litter kwitter properly?


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We don't have any experience with the Litter Kwitter, but Jackson Galaxy did an interesting piece that addresses the topic:
The Politics of Litter way to go

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As someone who has worked in Rescue, and headed an adoption Dept for 15 years, I'm going to be real: using the toilent is not normal for cats.
In the wild, cats 'use the box' to identify each other, to stake out territory, and part of a very deep and natural instinct is to dig and bury. Now, while some cats don't bury...and there are all sorts of reasons for it...most love to dig. It's like scratching things....it's natureal....they must strestch their muscles in their paws and mark territory, which is why they need a good scratching post.

What trying to train a cat to use the toilet does is confuse them, make them take up a behavior that isn't natural to them, and takes away their ability to leave their 'mark' somewhere.

What I would suggest:

Get your cat back to using a box. If you don't like conventional litter boxes, perhaps getting an unusual box such as the kind they have out now with a an opening on the top will work for you.

I would suggest a large box. Use unscented litter, and put the box in a quiet place. We have 7 cats and 5 boxes. There are 4 in the living room-and no, people don't comment it smells-we scoop often and regularly. If you have a bathroom where one will fit, put it in the corner of the bathroom.

How many cats do you have? If it's just your one, you might want to have the box in a quiet, private area for them. I have heard good things about Dr. Elsleys Cat Attract. I myself use a very inexpensive litter I can get a big bag of for $10.00 for 40lbs-its a generic brand that works well and clumps well.

If your cat has been having problems, please have a vet check them out. Ruffy when he doesn't use the box...and its very rare-is telling us he's not feeling well. It's one of the only ways they have of making their human aware.

Another note: the people who do the best with inventions like the litter kwitter are thos making money off those who buy them.

They arne't good for you, or your cat.

Hope you'll give your cat his box back...
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