they used to be bestfriends what happend?

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My cats Leela and Bear are brother and sister. they used to be the best of friends until a few months ago bear started to grow into the roll of top male i was living at home we had five cats the mom, dad and three kittys.
bear started to get bossy and would be a little ruff with leela when they take naps on the same chair he would sometimes bite her on the neck but then lick her like he says sorry. leela went to the vet for three days came home and the other cats didnt know it was her but. bear they were fine well i moved out with roommates and my boyfriend. its been a month and two days since we have had leela and bear, leela now seems to hate him. she meows like theres no tomorrow and hisses at him when he just looks at her. they dont fight or sleep in the same room anymore. i try to get them to play with the same toy and it helps but will they go back to being best friends again.bear doesnt bully her he gets this sad look on his face when she meows at him like you dont know who i am do you.


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They have just had a big transition - moving homes. That can make any car feel out of sorts for a while. Patience is the key here. Just try to give them each alot of attention, and see if they start to get along better. It may take a while.

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Yes, the moving can be a big deal to cats, just give them time. One thing that helps bond kitties is maybe once a day scattering treats in a room. If they like the treats well enough they'll learn to deal with each other to eat them.