Anxious Cat... Help?

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Purred: Sat Dec 8, '12 2:06pm PST 
My mom has two cats, Grayson and Moonie. They're brothers, and were from a litter that was 'free to good homes', and were the last two there. Nobody wanted them, but my mother fell in love and took them both home. She's had them about a year now, and both are fixed, healthy, huge cats.

She lives on a farm, and one day about a month ago, she came to the city(an hour and a half drive away) and stayed in for the day to visit. Somehow, Grayson got shut into my youngest sisters bedroom, door closed, and when my mom got home, she found blood all over the floor and the bedroom door, and Grayson meowing and crying in the room. When she looked him over, she found that he had been so frantic to get out of the room, he'd torn up his paw pads trying to get out through the bedroom door. They were bloody, scraped up, and overall very tender and sore for a while after. She took care of his paws, cleaned up the mess and nurtured his paws back to health.

However... He has't been the same since. He has since been very anxious. She has a dog as well(he was raised with the cats and vice versa and they frequently cuddle - the dog WAS NOT in the room when this happened), so she uses a baby gate against the bathroom where the litterbox is to prevent Grizz from going and eating cat poop and litter. Unfortunately... Ever since the incident, Grayson is too afraid to jump the gate and has since begun peeing and defecating on my youngest sisters bed and in her bedroom(where the incident happened). One of my sisters tried putting Grayson in the bathroom to let him figure out that he can jump back out, but he got absolutely terrified, and they haven't tried it since..

I suggested she move the litterbox to another area that I know the cats frequent, where Grizz CANNOT get the litter. I also suggested some calming pheromones(don't know of any actual names though, just recall hearing about them for cats)...

Unfortunately, she's pregnant and has a three year old and if she can't find a way to fix the problem, she will have to find them new homes..

So any suggestions you can make would be greatly appreciated! We all want to help Grayson, and keep him from feeling so anxious. And of course, Grayson's behavior has set off Moonie, so Moonie has started going to the bathroom around the house since Grayson started too..

Any help would be awesome!



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Purred: Sun Dec 9, '12 2:11pm PST 
poor baby - if Grayson urinated anywhere in that room, he will smell it unless it is cleaned with enzyme cleaner for cat urine. He will(or any cat) go in the same spot. Of course, it seems that everyone is anxious,too and that will make him even more so. Try a Feliway plug-in. I would also see if there is somewhere he could be that the dog cannot get to, but that he is not locked in. That was a very frightening experience for him, and it is going to take time for him to get over it. My kitten Felix was badly frightened when my home was broken into. he hid & it took a few days to a week before he started to relax some. Something I tried that really seemed to help aside form the Feliway is Calming Treats by PetNaturals. They helped alot and are natural. You can find them at Petco, and I get them on Amazon a little cheaper. Also calming collars are supposed to work wonders too. I am going to try one of those myself. Also have everyone speak quiet tones & give him lots of attention too. I hope this helps a little.