homeless because cat evicted her.

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My kitten sushi is such a loving cat with our older dog Humphrey an tolerates our new puppy Katie (she between 3 an 4 months) but now she has kicked the puppy out of the the little crate we bought her an has claimed it as her own leaving the puppy to find sleep else where. Now sushi used to sleep with me an the puppy tried that also but with no luck sushi said no to that to. An when I encourage the puppy to sleep with me the cat has a fit or cries. An she dose not do this with the older dog she welcomes sleeping with him even cuddling with him. I'm new to the cat world plz help. kitty


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it seems that she does not want to share you & has taken the job of bossing the puppy. Try playing with the 2 of them together,, and give them both alot of attention.

Orange Ruffy

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Welcome to the world of the 'Cat Boss'. As you are finding out, size in our world has little to do with who is boss. The Cat is always the Boss.

In our world, we run the show. The Puppy is the lowest member on the cat Totem Pole. That means that she has to show him that you and the other dog belong to her. Puppy is allowed to do just what she allows him to do.

In this world, having multiple beds helps. We realize it might be better to make multiples of you but that can't be done yet, so we suggest petting and payiing attention to puppy when she isn't watching.

The other thing that bonds together is feeding and treats. Give everyone treats near to each other and this can promote a positive experience.

And purrs for caring for all,


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Try getting more then one 'den'. Most creatures have the nesting instinct and your cat may have decided the crate is now her prefect den! If you provide more then one(think one den for each animal), it may all sort out


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Does the crate not have a door?


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I agree with Orange Ruffy - feeding them close to eachother will give your cat the confidence that the puppy means no harm, and can then relate positivity to the puppy rather that "he's taking over", negative feelings.way to go