Breakthroughs and Bonding.....

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Mrs Foodie
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So im not really here to ask a question...just haad to share!

A few years ago My partner and i adopted a very timid and unhappy elderly kitty.....Rogue. She was mistreated , overweight and her fur was matted and greasy.
The first day she arrived she hid away for the whole day, hissed at me, didnt eat and generally just acted like the most anti social kitty ive ever met. My partner was very worried, he talked about taking her back....we argued.... I won.

A week later, she walked into a room and sat down on the floor, Gave me an upwards nod and proceeded to groom herself!! Breakthrough number one!

As time moved on we were blessed with more and more little triumphs!
laugh out loud
3months into her new home, she surprised us by jumping onto the bed and falling asleep beside my feet.

6months into her stay she rubbed against my hand and then she sat beside me and watched me weed the garden.

Later that month she let me brush her still greasy fur and softly purred like a little motor bike... I cried! laugh out loud

As time moved on she grew more fond of me and began to let me clap her now soft fur without flinching, She jumped onto the couch for the first time about 8months after she came home. I cried again!!!1 A running theme!

Everyday Rogue learns to trust us all a bit more, she greets strangers in the house with headbutts,and body rubs, she grooms our two other kitties softly like a mumma cat and she follows my 2year old daughter around as if shes a guard dog.

She is very in tune to our emotions now, and sits by me when im stressed or tired, or watches me with kissy eyes from accross the room. 2 weeks ago she rolled over and let me rub her soft tummy!

Shes getting older now, and doesnt want to go outdoors into the garden anymore, in favour of a warm spot on the bed.

Rogue NEVER sits on my lap, she has only let me pick her up once...but i dont mind!

Today, i had to take the morning off work because of a more than severe headache, i curled up in a ball in the bedroom in the dark....I mustve been on the bed for the best part of two minutes before i heard Rogue push the door open...

She jumped on to the bed and sat next to me, A great and rare thing, i decided to chance my luck and put my arm around her bottom, up over her belly to her face, usually she will immediately stand up and flick her tail in annoyance...Today she nuzzled her face into my hand, i cried again.....i kept moving a bit closer to her slowly untill she let me lay my head on her belly and she purred very loudly licked my face and then fell asleep!!!!!

Today feels like a massive triumph and i feel trully releived and exhilirated that the work weve put into gaining her trust is paying off!

Its such a profound and rewarding experience to be loved by a cat who was wronged by someone in the past, it takes time and patience but BOYO is it WORTH IT!!!!

Needless to say, i fell asleep with her and woke up feeling tonnes better, although, i fell asleep just me and Rogue i woke up with Gizmo behind my legs and Batfink at my feet too...i felt a bit like they were using me as a hot water bottle but none the less happy!
Sorry for the long post but had to share!
Also would love to hear if anyone has had similar experience with a rescue Kitty

Purrs xx



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Slow and steady wins the race! Each day she gets a little better! Keep up the good work!