I Made Myself a New Litter Box with Dirt and Leaves from a House Plant

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Hello All. Apologies for the length. I don't post often, and I promise I DID try a search of the forums --funny that a search of "defecating" gets four hits when "pooping" gets 5, 288 laugh out loud

Background: I was born under a shed, spent the first six months or so as an outdoor kitty in KY living in the garage with free rein of the grounds, then the second six months confined to my own room in VA with all the trappings (cat castle, food bowls, treats, toys and litter box). The dog dynamic of two pitties was not conducive to adding a kitten.

When the oldest of the two puppers died on June 29, the Bipedess decided it was time to let me out of the cat room. My dog-bro and I get along famously, btw. Biped put a cat door in so I can get back into my cat room without the dog (and so dog can't eat what I leave in the litter box that I DO use and is cleaned twice a day) whenever I want.

Problem: Because of the weather, first Hurricane Sandy and then the cold, Biped brought all the potted plants from the deck inside.

I scooped mounds of dirt from my favorite, mixed it up with a pile of leaves that had fallen from the plant in a nice little pile on the living room floor and then I defecated in it.

Bipedess was unaware until she came home from work and caught me doing the litter paw thing in the pile this evening and found the surprise I had left earlier in the day.

Bipedess is a dog person and hasn't had a cat since 1978 and he was a barn cat. So she is painfully ill-equipped to deal and really doesn't know what to do to stop me from creating my own toilet wherever I want. Besides getting rid of the plants, which would make Biped very very unhappy.

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Try putting aluminum foil over the dirt. Or small stones maybe might work.


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MOL! You are one smart kitty! I'm with Smithwick - have your Biped cover the soil with sharp pebbles.


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It's Stella. Our person had a cat when she was a child who did this, but it was because she could not get access to her regular pan. The door blew shut and she couldn't get to it, and the people were gone all day to the beach. So she knocked over a plant and went in that. Made a terrible mess but was considered to show great intelligence.

Stones work well, as tin foil can be peeled off, if you are not afraid of the noise of tin foil. You can also buy sticky strips to put over the dirt which we don't like to claw.

I got chosen to answer this because I LOVE to get into the big plants and sleep in the dirt. There's a picture of me doing it on my page. I was an outdoor cat for the first three months of my life like you, and old habits die hard. But I am a great mouser. Hope you get some mousies this winter! wave


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Hey highfive hi5 I do that, too! But, my mom got mad at me so when I ever I do that I get a time out and she places tin foil on top of the plant. She ha to change the tin every other day though, because wanna hear a secret shh I secretly, ball up the tin foil every chance I get, so I could get to the dirt. Dont tell my mom though she thinks its my pupbrother Peppi silenced. My mom has not tried the rocks yet, thinking but I heard her talking about it behind my back, but little does she know I am her little stalker, so I hope this helped a little!way to go Now I am tired that I typed this.kitty P.S. As a cat, I find these emotions cool: hamster dance SEE A DANCING HAMSTER, BUNNY, GUINEA PIG THING! LETS ALL DANCE WITH IT! dancinghi5cheer Now, I am done! Bye!wave