HELP Cat Peeing on things and attacking dog

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Purred: Tue Nov 6, '12 2:04am PST 
I am posting this for my husbands Cat - Poison Ivy who is 4. She will spray near the door (where there are males outside - she was fixed late) - she also pee's on things. She peed on my wheelchair pillow

But the worst thing is she attacks the dog - who is a Boxer/Dane. She stalks him - when he is out of his crate she will follow him and literally attack him. We have to put her in a different room. Today he stepped on her head after she scratched him and bit him. One of these days my husband is afraid he'll accidentally kill her (he's 70lbs and months old)

He loves his cat - but b/c of the urinating and attacking the dog (and she does bite my son) he wants to find her a new home. Any advice?


I live to- protect my- human.
Purred: Sun Nov 25, '12 8:24pm PST 
bumping up cause it's been almost a month with no response

Please help us!

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Unfortunately the stress of the dog may be too much for this cat. It may be beneficial to rehome the kitty somewhere with no other animals.


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I would talk to your vet. It's possible that when she was spayed, an ovary or part of one could have been left behind. Your vet can also advise you on how to handle her anxiety, if that's what's causing the problems. She may benefit from medication. (I know that some don't like the idea of meds, but it would still be preferable to her losing her home).

Good luck! Keep us posted.hug